Resume Review

Send me your current resume and the job listing you're applying for.  I'll proofread your resume, finding any errors, and also provide guidance on how to better align it for the role you're looking at.

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Resume Preparation

I'll collect information on your prior experience and skills, and put together a sharp resume that will help get you in the door with potential employers.

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Interview Prep

I'll hold a mock interview with you, and evaluate your strengths and opportunities for improvement.  I'll provide a summary of the exercise to you, and then you can do your best in the real interview.

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Put your best image forward

No matter the situation, you are always competing with someone else for the job. Don't hurt your chances with a subpar resume, or by being unprepared for the interview.

I help people get the job they want.  Feel confident when you send your resume or walk in for that interview that you will be at the top of the list.