Resume Creation




Feel confident in your job search with one of our custom-designed resumes.

After an in-depth consultation with you, to gather extensive information regarding your experience, skills, and objectives, we develop a professional resume tailored specifically to you.

If you’re finding that you aren’t getting calls or interviews, you may be unaware that you have resume issues. Hiring managers won’t even consider you if your resume doesn’t check the boxes they’re looking for. Many good candidates are excluded from competing for jobs they’re are well qualified for because their resume didn’t get them past the initial screening.

Resumes that highlight relevant skills and experience are the key to a successful job search. At The Jerome Group, we specialize in being able to identify the key words that are going to get a resume considered. We customize your resume to highlight the strengths you bring in filling the role.

We work with each client individually to create a resume that delivers your message clearly, and opens the door for an invite to interview.

Have a pro on your side who can give you a winning resume and the competitive edge.


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